Schiees originated from Kanazawa in which is main office, has traditional culture called “Syo-Kyoto” meaning similar Kyoto but a little bit different, because those traditional cultures crated by a famous solider family from Mr. Toshiie Maeda from Edo Period in Japan, also originated the center of Japan, Tokyo, of course, and Fukuoka, which is becoming hub area for other Asian countries.

Additionally, Firenze in Italy in which also is traditional city for European cultures related good leathers, golden cutting, and perfumes. Then, Dubai in which biggest rich tourist city in the Middle East and, C.A. as Hollywood, S. F. in which are famous cities in U.S. all combine new and traditional good ways and produce, trade, import, export business are our works.

We are very happy to the unique works and make you be happier is our dreams and targets, and goals.

Thank you very much for coming to our HP.


CEO Yoko Mukai 迎 葉子

About us

Company Name Schiees Co. Ltd.
Established Oct. 5th, 2017
Cosmetics manufacture and sale [permission number] 17CZ200019
Directors Co-Founder CEO Yoko Mukai

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