In our company, while listening to customers’ opinions, mainly for product developments R&B, focusing on skin care and hair care, We conduct researches and developments in Japan and overseas.
When we are young, seasons such as rough skins, acnes, allergies, and your skins may cause hay fevers on the skins.
Ultraviolet rays, others, both men and women have a lot of skin stresses, but due to IT teches and works are tight schedules included business trips and long time works even house keeping as well, all your time is tight.
You and we cannot consider your skins so luxualy and long time. we want to support such your hard life and cure your skin problems As much as possible to use, refreshable, items to prevent skin problems.
And we will produce items that can make you smile.


・Cosmetic Water

R&D plus products

In Japan there are beautiful waters and technologies to turn it into a better one for your body. We have been conducting research to maximize the hardness of water in each country and the power of water itself

We cooperate with people per each country and do a thorough feasibility study as well. If there is a difference in the climate, humidity, and the quality of water used, there will also be a change in the impact of the basic makeup.

We offer only those that have repeated research as described above.

The same is true for gel nails and the like which are currently in progress. We are researching and developing products that are gentle to nail claws, traditional Japanese ancient traditional colors, delicate patterns etc, and have good products.


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